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Custom Box Agency supports partners with boxes crafted for their business goals and their clients’ success. Whether you are launching a new course, membership, challenge, book, or event, Custom Box Agency has a proven strategy for maximum impact. Each box elevates your brand through stellar design and engages your audience with learning strategy and gamification. We never send swag; we create a unique, fully immersive brand experience your customers will love.

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Coaching Boxes


Reset with Miranda

Miranda revolutionizes outdated and ineffective dieting techniques with a personalized experience that delivers a total health transformation – without sacrificing great food or feeling like work. Reset With Miranda participants receive a beautifully branded box packed with workbooks, recipes, supplement samples, sealed action plans, and an interactive journey map to track and share their progress. Including all the tools and resources her clients needed inside the box experience empowered Miranda’s clients to take action immediately and create real, lasting results fast.

Virtual Event Boxes


Born for This Live!

Coach, Author, and Thought Leader Maya Camerota helps her students live an empowered life of purpose, passion, and prosperity. Maya wanted to elevate her online event Born For This LIVE with a custom box designed to give attendees a fully immersive event experience at home. Inside the box, attendees were greeted with a journey map and rip-and-reveal envelopes that guided them through each day of the event complete with action steps and exercises. A calendar, journal pages, markers, post-its helped attendees take immediate action while products like the Be Here Now mini mirror helped anchor their emotional experience during and after the event.

Challenge Boxes


POD Ninja Challenge

The POD Ninja Brand helps budding entrepreneurs achieve financial freedom by starting, growing, and scaling their own print on demand Shopify stores. The brand’s founder, Joe Robert, wanted to turn his POD Ninja Challenge offer into a captivating, playful, and immersive experience that was in-line with his brand’s bold attitude. The resulting box commanded intrigue with its detective mystery theme, rip-and-reveal ‘classified’ envelopes, journey map, and liberal use of ‘top secret’ and ‘do not open’ warnings scrawled across the print assets. It’s a great example of how choosing a bold theme can make your brand experience more fun, memorable, and effortlessly engaging.


The Rainmaker Family Challenge

The Rainmaker Family brand empowers families to create income freedom by helping them build their own six- to seven-figure Amazon FBA businesses. Chelsea and Stephen Diaz, founders of Rainmaker Family, wanted to deliver their flagship Challenge offer in a new way that increased engagement and maximized their clients’ results. The resulting Challenge Box included an interactive scratch-off journey map, rip-and-reveal envelopes to guide participants through each day of the challenge, action cards, and a goal chart. Hidden QR codes inside the journey map led participants through virtual training experiences and helpful exercises to maximize their engagement. The branded Rainmaker coin was added to give participants a meaningful experience anchor to remind them to keep striving toward their goals.

Course Boxes


Relationship Development Quick Start

Stacey & Paul Martino create relationship breakthroughs by helping partners forge unshakeable love and unleashed passion – even if one partner refuses to change. Relationship Development Quick Start, their flagship 8-week introductory program, needed an upgrade to make the online course feel more immersive and meaningful to their students. To deliver on those goals, we created a box complete with an interactive journey map, rip-and-reveal envelopes for each lesson, spiral bound program workbook, and other beautifully designed print resources.

Service Provider Boxes


Protect Your Smarts

The Creator’s Law Firm helps Legacy-Driven Entrepreneurs turn their trademarks into money-making machines through their expert legal counsel services. As service providers, their goal was to package their legal advice into a compelling offer that combined education and self-guided progress with professional support. The result was their Road To Registry Program Box, which provided clients with an interactive journey roadmap, welcome guide, rip-and-reveal envelopes for each phase of their journey, stickers, and post-it pads to encourage note taking. An engraved glass mug was also included to help customers experience the premium feel of their brand over their morning coffee for years to come!

Membership Boxes


Traffic Sales & Profits

The Traffic Sales and Profit brand cultivates, celebrates, and elevates black entrepreneurs by helping them build six-, seven-, and eight-figure businesses. Their membership-based TSP Propel Program offered an online vault of over 50 videos and trainings, so they wanted to create an experience that made it easier for members to go through the content and create real results. CBA’s goal was to create a journey-in-a-box that kept them focused, reduced information overwhelm, and increased engagement in the TSP community while increasing member retention for the brand. The resulting Business Success Path Box was filled with a helpful onboarding guide, journey map, rip-and-reveal envelopes, and action cards to help members achieve the most success with the program (and make them want to stay longer!)