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Quit wasting money. Create an experience that leaves your customers wanting more.

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Deliver an Experience Your Customers Will Never Forget

How Can a BOX Transform Your Business?

It’s much more than a box. Create a strategically designed experience, turning your vision and your customers’ success into an event they will never forget. Anybody can put a logo on swag—let’s engineer your customers’ next win.

Elevate your customers’ experience and turn those same gifts into a strategic growth adventure. Give them every tool they need to maximize your event or course and create raving fans that can’t wait for your next offer.

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Create Raving Fans

New customers are great, but why not also build mobs of adoring fans that can't wait to send you their money?

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Hands-Off Delivery

Leave fulfillment to our team of experts so you can focus on delivering the amazing value your new fans demand.

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Retain More Customers

Build long term retention by consistently (and easily) overdelivering and leave the competition behind.

Our 4-Step Process

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Your Strategy Session

You’ll meet with a member of our insight team to ensure we understand the impact you want to make with your customers and how your box can make that happen. We’ll brainstorm what type of content and engagement elements would go in the box to make your vision real. We’ll explore interactive tools, gamification, and even augmented reality to make your vision come to life.

Following your strategy session, you’ll receive a comprehensive brief recapping your goals, outlining our plan for the box, and setting key milestones for design and delivery. Learn More


Planning & Sourcing

Our merchandise experts take your vision and begin to curate and customize the core elements of your box. We find the perfect promotional items to align with your brand and message and support your customers’ goals. They plan all print materials, match it to your digital content, and of course, begin to create your branded box.

We take care of coordinating all vendors and matching both design and strategy across all deliverables. Your box begins to fill with exactly the tools and content needed to maximize your customers’ experience. Learn More

Illustration of CBA Team creating contents of a box.
Illustration of CBA Team and Client designing box contents.


Design & Production

This is the fun part. We leverage our team of designers and merchandise specialists to bring your strategy, your brand, and your vision to life. With our understanding of your vision and your customers' goals, we craft your gamified content, branded elements, and information into one strategic package.

Our goal with every box is to captivate your customers and build an unforgettable experience for each. Spot-on design solidifies your brand and prepares your tribe for even more goodness as your business grows. Learn More


Fulfillment & Delivery

It’s time to release your box into the wild. We mobilize our network of fulfillment vendors to ensure inventory management, box assembly, and shipment automation is in place, so you don’t have to worry about it. When you make a sale or launch your project, we’ll have you covered, and your customers receive all the goodness you've created.

Long term campaigns are no problem either, we can keep the elements of each box on hand for easy access and even customization for VIP clients or special orders. Whatever you need, we’ll have it ready. Learn More

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Photo of Krista Miller

Krista Miller

Summit In A Box

Mark and the Custom Box Agency team gave me a first-class experience with crafting my custom box. From initial brainstorming, to design, all the way to fulfillment, the process was flawless and completely stress-free for me. It exceeded all expectations that I had!


Nikki Tomaino Allemand

Eazy Peazy Kitchen

Mark’s ability to grasp what I was thinking and wanting for a box far exceeded my expectations and blew my mind.


Holly Homer

KidsActivities.com and Quirky Momma

I just love how my custom box brought everything to a higher level.


Justin Stephens

Prospecting Done For You

What I loved is how we were able to use every part of the box to create an experience and highlight the brand. I would highly recommend the Custom Box Agency.

Custom Boxes Activate, Engage, and Monetize Your Business in ways that Digital-Only Products Simply Can’t


Activate Your Audience

The tangibility of branded gifts combined with interactive learning delivers immersive customer experiences a digital-only product can’t touch. Simply opening the package leads to unboxing videos and valuable social proof (photos) that surprise and delight your audience while generating FOMO online.

Custom boxes are a unique experience for your customers and their audience. As they open the box, they experience a tangible and strategically integrated package that exceeds all previous encounters with courses or challenges. Swag is nice, but fully integrated game boards, workbooks, and even tools for online interactions elevate their involvement with your content to an entirely new level.

Engage Your Customers

Build intentionality with the story inside the box with strategic branded elements. Bring your content to life by combining content and physical components with games to accelerate growth and learning.

Remove barriers to success for your customers, helping to make their progress more rewarding. We work with you build a strategy that can give your customers the tools and resources they need to achieve their success quickly and memorably.

  • Fitness Coaching: gamified workout logs, stickers for success, a branded towel for the gym, socks, a unique water bottle, and a Spotify sweat cranking playlist curated by you. The only limit is your imagination.
  • Relationship Coaching: Workbook for online media, a scorecard with game pieces they move towards success, matching coffee mugs, a snuggly throw, doable tips to make time for implementation. Create the tools no one else even considers.
  • Business Coaching: A game board for milestones, a map for success, workbooks, branded water bottles, QR codes tied to critical goals, hidden easter-egg content to surprise and motivate even the most driven business person.

Custom designed boxes go beyond gifts to create layered interactions. Craft a unique experience that deepens their relationship with your brand and enhances their success.

Explore gamification for more effective teaching. Simple games can change information exchanges into a challenging and engaging learning journey. (We’re all kids at heart, after all.)

Each new layer in your box’s strategy compounds the value your customers receive. Thoughtful extras can elevate any box to a community-focused team builder. Provide wine glasses for virtual socials and networking events. Add augmented reality, or QR Code Automation [link] to engage your customers in expanded and interactive worlds.

Monetize Their Success

Beyond strategically designing physical components, Custom Box Agency helps you create virtual environments. TeleportQR gives you a platform to deliver cultivated digital content through dedicated QR codes. There is no limit to the destinations one code can support. From evergreen content libraries to timed media and future upsells for advanced courses, we have you covered.

Augmented reality creates new points for interaction and online sales. Any part of your box or content can become a platform to invite your customers deeper and increase their investment. AR can also surprise and delight your customers by tracking their growth with virtual worlds they can’t wait to share with others.

Develop Your Unique Customer Lifecycle

Custom boxes play a role across the entire customer lifecycle, from irresistible acquisition tactics to tactile and engaging fulfillment, eventually leading customers to higher-priced offers. Strategically designed custom box ecosystems build your relationship like nothing else.

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Networking Box, Prospecting Box, Free + Shipping Boxes, Affiliate Boxes, Quick Start Boxes, Sample Box

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Welcome & Onboarding, Virtual Summit, Challenge, and Product Boxes, Keep Your Customers Growing

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Milestone Boxes, Boosters, Add-On Packs, Subscription Boxes, Surprise & Delight Boxes, Authority Boxes

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