Illustration of the CBA fulfillment process as large distribution options.

The Custom Box

There are three critical elements to leveraging a custom box for the success of your product or service: Acquisition, Engagement, and Monetization.

We strike a unique balance between three critical elements: Acquisition, Engagement, and Monetization. Most swag shops stop at the first one, some may jump straight to the last, but your customer’s success lies with integrating all three (especially engagement.) That’s where Custom Box Agency leaves everyone else far behind. Our unique discovery and planning process keeps your strategic goals at the forefront of each step. This focus makes sure your box not only delights your customers but accomplishes your long-term goals.

We’ve seen Custom Box Agency customers report over 200% increases in sales by simply offering the tools we strategically bake into every box. Something happens when your customers know you’ve created an engaging pathway to their success. You’ve considered how they can use your content for even more growth. You’ve solved all the problems they can imagine and deliver the answers right to their door. When that happens, your relationship with them is changed forever, and the only question is how far you want to take them.

Your Strategy Session

Anyone can put a logo on some swag and stick it in a box. But that won't hit your goals, and it won't move your customers towards the success they desire. That's where we can help. Each strategy session is designed to help you craft the ideal package of tools (and supporting swag) calibrated to move them towards those goals and future growth.

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Our experiential design perspective elevates your product or service by engaging your customers on multiple levels. We may increase participation through gamification. Even adults like seeing clear and measurable progress. Competition with peers can massively elevate completion rates and prepare them for future engagement and purchases.

Planning & Sourcing

Illustration of man and dog in a large hot air balloon shaped like a lightbulb.

Once you're confident in the strategic impact your box will make, our logistics team moves to plan and source each element. We have built strategic partnerships with best in class vendors and manufacturers to eliminate the junk and deliver the highest quality customized pieces to enhance your brand and impress your customers. If there is something you want in your box, we know where to find it.

Planning is critical to ensure that each element of your custom box will arrive on time to be bundled and shipped. Our logistical team understands how important your launch or promotion will be to your business. Delivery times, production needs, and even unforeseen hiccups (ahem... pandemics, etc.) are taken into account so you can focus on creating the content your customers love you for.

Design & Production

Now we get to the fun part, and frankly, the part that makes our unique strategy-first box philosophy so effective. Our designers begin to create the container and ecosystem for your box. Each custom box may be cut from similar templates, but they are utterly unique in design. Hidden easter eggs, Augmented Reality clues to discover, QR codes, subtle branding, and an overarching design story set your box apart from everything else in your market.

Illustration of a person holding a large digital stylus to design a box with dog sitting beside them.

We take the time early on to understand the strategic goals for your box and provide critical insight to make your design come to life. We have crafted complete narratives, set the stage for world-building, and utterly transformed entire brands through our box design approach.

Fulfillment & Delivery

Illustration of two people delivering custom boxes on a dolly.

Here is where our experience and focus on logistics shines. We've experienced the frustration of missed deadlines and, even worse, mis-packed boxes. So we solved that issue as well. We created our storage and packing systems for the variables of complex launches. We built it to handle tiered customer groups and the last-minute changes that always seem to pop up. Our fulfillment experts send your VIPs exactly what they demand and your prospects what they are looking for.

One size definitely does not fit all. That's where we have your back. After your box is designed, sourced, and all components in place, we take care of every logistical hurdle so you can focus on the launch of the century or simply keeping your high achievers wanting more. If you have clients overseas, we've got you covered. APO? Yup, we do that too. Wherever it has to go, we'll get it there.