Custom Box Sustainability

Custom Box Agency is about making an impact in each step of our unique process, from ideation to delivery. While our goal is to craft unforgettable experiences in tactile packages, we know that every physical product can impact the environment.

Here at CBA, we don’t turn a blind eye to how our business can affect the earth. Instead, we ask a question.

“How can we maximize our partner’s influence while minimizing their carbon footprint?”

That one question has propelled our team to build strategic partnerships with best-in-class vendors and manufacturers to offer our partners the highest quality eco-friendly product options.

Whether it be print goods made from recycled materials or sustainable alternatives to high-impact plastic items, our team goes above and beyond to source products that we can feel good about sending out into the world.

In addition to eco-friendly options, we pride ourselves on engineering boxes designed to treasure, display, and save on the shelf as a go-to resource. That means less impact on the landfill and more long-term influence for our clients and theirs. We see it as the ultimate win-win that happens when sustainability meets strategy.

As leaders in the experience design space, we recognize our responsibility to lead the way.

Our mission is to innovate new ways for our sustainable culture to fuel the change all entrepreneurs can create!

Want to learn more about how you can make a significant impact on your customers while making a positive impact on the world?

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